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Republican Children’s Psychoneurological Hospital named after U.K. Kurbanov is a specialized institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan that provides qualified medical and rehabilitation treatment to patients with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other organic pathology of the nervous system.

Hospital tasks: providing qualified specialized medical care to children

With perinatal pathology of the nervous system,

Cerebral palsy (CP),

The consequences of previous strokes,

Inflammatory, post-traumatic diseases of the central nervous system,

Autism spectrum disorders,

Delayed mental development

Delayed speech development

From 0 to 18 years old.

The doctors of the consultative polyclinic receive the first-time patients. There is an early intervention room in the consultative polyclinic: children under 3 years of age with perinatal lesions of the nervous system and the risk of cerebral palsy can receive a full course of outpatient complex treatment.

The types of clinical and instrumental examination available in the hospital:

— Consultation of specialists (pediatric neurologist, psychiatrist, orthopedist, rehabilitologist, defectologist, psychologist);

— Diagnostic questionnaires and scales;

— Hematological and biochemical blood tests, general urine analysis, coprology;

— X-ray examination;

— Ultrasound of internal organs, joints, neurosonography;

— Electroencephalography, echoencephaloscopy, electrocardiography.

Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of cerebral palsy, ASD and other organic pathology of the nervous system, which is part of the hospital’s tasks, are registered and sent to hospital for treatment.

The hospital has five psychoneurological departments for children of various ages, a department of surgical orthopedics, a department of rehabilitation treatment. Each department has rooms for physiotherapy and rehabilitation (7 rooms for physiotherapy and 10 rooms for exercise therapy), a speech therapist’s office (7 rooms). In addition, there are: a school for 50 student places, 3 psychologist’s offices, an office for social adaptation, sand therapy, a LEGO room, rooms for role-playing games, 2 sensory rooms. In addition, in all departments, wards of increased comfort are organized.

In the hospital, a multidisciplinary team of specialists carries out a joint examination; an individual rehabilitation program is being developed.

The hospital uses the following treatments:

  1. Exercise therapy, massage, posture treatment, choreography.
  2. Kinesotherapy.
  3. Hardware physiotherapy and heat therapy.
  4. Laser therapy with laser acupuncture.
  5. Acupuncture.
  6. Orthopedic regimen and orthotics.
  7. Injections of botulinum toxin-A followed by motor rehabilitation.
  8. Alcohol-novocaine blockade according to Pigin.
  9. Injection pharmacopuncture with neuroprotective agents.
  10. Drug therapy.
  11. Surgical correction.
  12. Sensorimotor therapy.
  13. ABA-therapy (applied behavior analysis).
  14. System of alternative communication using PECS cards.
  15. Correctional work on the ТЕАССН program.
  16. Psychotherapy.
  17. Formation of components of social adaptation.
  18. Occupational therapy.
  19. Education.
  20. Working with the family and the environment of the child.

The hospital has a department of surgical orthopedics, which employs specialists trained in leading clinics in Russia and Switzerland, who are proficient in all methods of surgery to correct contractures and deformities of the upper and lower extremities of patients with neuro-orthopedic pathology.

The hospital has a school for mothers to teach parents how to deal with a child and the simplest methods of rehabilitation for their use at home.

Human resources:

3 doctors of medical sciences,

2 candidates of medical sciences,

13 doctors with the highest qualification category,

3 from the first,

7 from the second.

Also, the hospital employs 30 teachers (speech therapists, educators, psychologists, teachers, labor instructors, music workers), 85 nurses and 136 — junior medicine personnel.

The hospital’s specialists are constantly working on improving their qualifications, studying, implementing the most advanced, and modern methods of rehabilitation. Thus, 16 hospital specialists in November-December 2020 underwent special training in ABA therapy at the University of California (USA, San Francisco) and corrective therapy at the Our Solar World Center (RF, Moscow).

Orthopedic doctors underwent training at the University Hospital Basel (Switzerland).

For hospitalization in a hospital, you must have:

— the conclusion of the specialists of the Republican Children’s Psychoneurological Hospital;

— Information about vaccinations;

— Original and copy of the child’s birth certificate;

— Passports of parents, original and copy.

Contraindications to hospitalization:

  1. The presence of gross mental disorders requiring treatment in a psychiatric hospital.
  2. The presence of concomitant somatic diseases in the acute period.
  3. The presence of an infectious disease.


Our address: Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Olmachi street 1.

tel. 712677350, 712677357, E-mail rdpnb@mail.ru, website: www.rdpnb.uz